the after after.

My name is Caroline. I am an audio engineer by trade, but a writer (and a reader, and a musician, and a myriad of other things) at heart.

I am inspired by so much in both the personal and professional space — music, architecture, food, audio, computers, travel. Life, generally, as it ebbs and flows. This writing could be about any of these things.

Or, more interestingly, exist at the intersection of them all.

Thanks for reading.

Finding a Post-It from high school in an old copy of ‘The Awakening,’ circa 2017

Why Substack?

I have considered self publishing for years without much serious thought as to how. This publication is a step in that direction by making an attempt to honor the desire to publish, to give it shape and organization, while challenging myself to engage, critique, and question.

I like words and this platform feels like a good place for words to live. Please consider subscribing if being here feels good to you, too.

— caro.

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writing about sights, sounds, and the things in between. by caroline sanchez.


I write about the sights and sounds of life.